Directions and Parking

Parking is just off Church Street on Pooles Court – DT7 3DD. Approaching from the East as though from Charmouth or Bridport Poole’s Court is the first right turn after Anning Road as you come down the hill in to the old town as the road narrows. It is a small and tight right turn and the hairdressers Finishing Touch is on the corner.
You proceed about 30 meters and on your right parallel to the road is the dedicated parking space with my Fossilers’ Lodge sign flapping in the breeze. You’ll turn right into the parking area as though to approach the numerous garages beyond. I suggest entering the parking space at sufficient angle to widen the entrance and then straighten up as your bumper reaches the Fossilers’ Lodge sign.
I recommend unloading passengers and luggage first by pulling in in front of the museum directly opposite the flat. They’ll proceed through the black door to the left of the fossil shop down Smugglers Way to my green door on the right.
The key safe is to the right of the door and the code is in an email sent after your booking was confirmed.
The parking is roughly 200 meters from the flat.

The postcode of the cottage is DT7 3QA if you want to look it up on a map.

Additional Parking
Additional public parking available nearby at Charmouth Road car park at £2 per day.

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